Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Out with the old?

Greetings my Angry Angels!

'Tis 2012 finally!  The year the Mayans say everything is gonna come to an end...if you believe that new age yak.  Personally I don't but never say never.  It is a little unfortunate that we are going to have to sit through a full year of political ads before Nibiru finds it's way here.  I think that's a little bit of cosmic cruel and unusual punishment and the celestial Inquisitor Torquemada should be taken to task for this.

While I'm putting together the schedule for this years Anger Management Rant Tour and outlining the topics for our little therapy sessions I stumbled upon something I thought was both interesting and a double standard in coverage of two sex crime cases by the media.  The more widely known of those is of course the Penn State/Second Mile bunch of child rapist headed by Jerry "Squeal like a Piggy" Sandusky.  The second case is actually a murder case, though it didn't have to be, involving Brandon McInerney and Larry King.

Let's start with the McInerney and King case as I feel it hasn't been properly addressed as it should have been in the media.  A quick refresher on the case can be found here: http://www.foxnews.com/topics/e.o.-green-school-shooting.htm#r_src=ramp.  I'm not going to rehash all the news reports, just point out a few facts the hate crimers like Ellen Degeneres conveniently skipped over.  Larry King wore make-up and high heels to school.  Teachers and administrators witnessed this behavior but did nothing about the sexual harassment this constitutes. In any other real world situation this would lead to hysteria as long as the victim was NOT a white male.  If Larry King had been the one being harassed about his sexuality every activist group around would be marching on that school.  But he wasn't.  He was the perpetrator.  So what happened?  Did the school intervene?  Were the parents brought in to address his behavior? Was the court or his case worker notified since he was a ward of the court living in a shelter for abused children?  Dawn and Gregory King, Larry's parents, claim that faculty members knew that he was uniquely vulnerable and tried to have them address their concerns regarding their child's welfare.  So what did the school do?

They did nothing.  Vice Principal Joy Epstein explained to concerned faculty of the escalation of his behavior that this type of behavior was "Constitutionally protected" and that they should focus on teaching tolerance to the students whose lessons were being disrupted.  Now I have to ask...when the FUCK did sexual harassment become protected speech?  When did it become ok to chase other students into bathrooms to harass them?  Why are teachers who are concerned for the safety of their students told to teach tolerance instead of discipline?

And where are we now?  Ms. Degeneres says that gays shouldn't be treated as second-class citizens.  Well I hate to tell you Ellen, he WASN"T being treated like a second class citizen.  In the name of political correctness he was allowed to continue behavior that led directly to his death.  Ellen, you and your fucking PC buddies CAUSED Larry King's death by turning a school, a place supposed to be safe for ALL not just your special interest, into a haven for behaviors both dangerous and ultimately fatal.  Schools are supposed to serve as a place where kids go to LEARN.  Not to pander to varying ethnic, religious or sexual identities.  The more time we spend doing such simply continues our educational destruction.

Now we turn to the Penn State crap.  I'm not even going to link to that because as far as I can tell if you watched the news once these last few months you are pretty well versed in what happened.  Grown man using his position to intimidate and rape little boys, y'know, the usual.  Now I'm not going to harp on Sandusky because we know what a piece of walking, talking shit this guy is.  I'm going to harp on Papa Joe Paterno.

I've read a few articles written by apologists saying the Paterno did the right thing and notified the authorities blah blah blah.  I have two words for you: "Fuck You."  Joe Paterno had every responsibility to follow up, and follow up, and follow up.  You can't tell me that someone who reported a child sexual abuse in his facility perpetrated by an underling just sits back and says "my job here is done" and pats himself on the back.

Firing Joe Pa was the LEAST Penn State could do given his reckless disregard for the safety of CHILDREN!  I certainly hope I get to see the video of them toppling his statue the same way we saw them do to Saddam's when his regime fell.  And while we are at it I certainly hope Dawn and Gregory King are successful in taking the California Board of Ed to task for the death of their son.

As Americans we put our children in the hands of teachers and coaches after trusting in our government to provide equal opportunities for our children in the safest environment possible.  Joe Paterno, Joy Epstein, Penn State regents, Board of Education of California, and anyone who would allow our children to be harassed, raped and murdered should be charged at least as accessories to the crimes and held as criminally liable as those who perpetrated the crimes.  One 15 year old kid dead, one 14 year old kid in jail till he's 39, no idea how many victims from Penn State and Joe and Joy and the rest of these irresponsible, reckless and the rest of the politically correct hand-wringing shit heads get a pass.

Why, you ask, my Angry Angels?  Because if we don't get angry, if we don't defend our children first and foremost from predators, who will? And what type of future do we guarantee for ourselves if we allow this to happen?

One 15 year old kid dead, one 14 year old kid in jail till he's 39, no idea how many victims from Penn State and Joe and Joy and the rest of these irresponsible, reckless, politically correct hand-wringing shit heads get a pass.  Get ANGRY and demand accountability!

That's enough anger management for today.

Next up: Pet Charities!


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