Monday, January 9, 2012

Hard crime, hard time

Greetings Angry Angels!

I certainly hope life finds you well this wonderful Monday and that you had as amazing a weekend as I did!  Angry Woman and I spent the weekend working out, watching football (GO GIANTS) and generally enjoying each others company.  It's important after a week of venting anger to all of you that we take some time to recharge and enjoy the simpler things in life.

Later this week we are going to vent on rape, bullying and some professional commentators before our Friday group session, but today I'm going to go back a little bit to something I have already touched on in the blog  Our week is going to start off calmly with some reflections on child abuse as a crime.

I recently read a blog regarding a gentleman by the name of Phillip Ray Greaves II.  The author of this blog who I will not name here is a little upset regarding the treatment of good ol Phil.  Phil, a resident of Colorado, was arrested on a Florida warrant of distributing obscene material.  Now you may ask, why is Sheriff Grady Judd of Polk County Florida bothering with some 47 year old wanna be author three quarters of the way across the country?  Might have something to do with the title of Phil's book: "The Pedophile's Guide to Love and Pleasure: A Child-lovers code of conduct."

Yeah you read that right.

This guy wrote a book on rules of conduct for raping children. The blogger defends Phil by saying there is no proof that Greaves ever molested anyone and that he is only depicting the "psychology" of a child molester which many other authors have done.  If other authors have done the same type of depicting in their novels, why ISN"T Sheriff Judd going after any of them.

Well the answer you dumb-fuck is in the title of Phil's book!!  It's a code of conduct, in other words it's a FUCKING INSTRUCTION MANUAL!!  This isn't a scholarly work where teams of psychologists, psychiatrists and and other researchers armed with pointed pencils and pointier probes find out what makes these sick twisted sociopaths tick.  This is a book designed to help them "tick" more efficiently and likely without drawing the attention of Sheriff Judd or others like him.

Put aside for a moment the obvious big name cases like that piece of shit Jerry Sandusky, or Bernie Fine whose piece of shit status is still under investigation and let's go through some recent "highlights" that don't seem to make the national news.

William and Jamie Willis of Arizona, he of the huge stash of kiddie porn (and when I say kiddie porn I don't mean naked kids.  I mean kids fucking.  Little kids) and the Silence of the Lambs inspired torture room he was digging out in his backyard.  And his loving wife Jamie who tried to help him escape charges by cutting off his monitoring anklet and moving them both.

John Landrum Jr also of Arizona who was in the process of downloading child porn when the police showed up to serve him with a warrant "has no idea" how TWO external hard drives and his main drive on his computer were filled with graphic "child erotica."

Anthony Ganter of Colorado, molester of 14 boys he babysat for, arrested for downloading child porn and failing to register as a sex offender.

Mark William Woerner of Texas, a friendly neighborhood guy who would give thumbdrives filled with child porn to kids to take to elementary school and share with their friends.

Julie Ann Moore of Texas molested three 15 year old boys, fortunately non of whom were students in her elementary school class.

And my personal favorite, because it touches on another issue, Juan Galindo of New Mexico.  Juan only racked up one victim.  One victim who had two black eyes, a bite mark on her cheek, brain bleeds, a lacerated liver, and anal and vaginal tearing.  There was also evidence of partially healed broken ribs.  His victim was four weeks old.


It will be interesting to see what kind of justice New Mexico tries to serve up seeing as Juan is an illegal who had already been deported.  Oh and he was high on meth.  Kudos to the mom for picking out such an upstanding baby-sitter while you went out to the casino.  I'm sure Eric Holder and all the other illegal immigrant "rights" groups will have their say before this all plays out.  

At this point I am beyond the point of belief that ANYONE would defend these vicious fucks let alone defend them in the court of public opinion as this particular blogger did.  So let me ask you a question dear Angry Angels, and please feel free to leave your response as a comment or send me an email, WHAT THE FUCK IS OUR LEGAL SYSTEM LETTING HAPPEN TO US?   

These are our children!! These are ANGRY BOYS and GIRLS who will never have the chance to grow into what they could have because of these fuckers.  And now some spineless apologist has the nerve to say Phil didn't do anything wrong?  Do we really need the child rapists to be more efficient??

Four days ago Governor Susana Martinez of New Mexico stated she was going to push a bill to remove the statute of limitations on any homicide case.  Certainly a bold move in a state where crime and punishment play second fiddle to  graft and cronyism at a higher per capita than any other state in the nation.  

As Governor Martinez is a former prosecutor I strongly applaud the effort, but I gotta say aren't going far enough.  Not by a long shot.  The statute of limitations on child sex abuse cases is pathetically short in most jurisdictions, something we saw to our collective disgust in the Sandusky and Fine tragedies.  Further more I would like to see "accessory" charges flat removed.  If you are a confederate of a child abuser, or a murderer, or a rapist, you get the same punishment as the perpetrator of the crime.  If like Joe Paterno or Joy Epstein you were aware of a crime and did nothing to immediately prevent it you are thereby a confederate in the crime and are likewise guilty.  If you are an ILLEGAL and you commit these acts on U.S. soil then that should be considered a crime against the nation and an act of terrorism.

Now you might say "Angry Man!  That's just crazy!  There's no way the politicians and special interest groups will let that happen!"  And you are right my Angels!  The politicians won't let this happen.  Just ask Senator Kay Hutchinson a Texas Republican who helped scuttle a measure to federally standardize criminal punishments citing states sovereign rights.  Fuck you Kay, glad you are retiring.  

Angels it is time that we get really GODDAMNED loud and let our politicians know how ANGRY we are.  We listen all the time to prosecutors, and police, and politicians and their never ending excuses about why they can't do something. I'm sure their empty words will keep all of these broken and abused children warm at night, knowing that in a few short years their abusers will be back, coaching football, saying mass, or teaching their own children someday.

It's time we tell them they damn well better do something or they are going to be out on their asses looking for a new job.  And given the situation they have put us all in, they'll have a hell of a time finding a new one.  I'm one person who will not be giving them a positive reference.

Ok, time is up for today!  I look forward to our session tomorrow where I will be venting some anger towards a Mr. Hannity and if he's scamming us all in the name of our wounded troops!


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