Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Breaking your heart, stealing your money

Greetings Angry Angels!!

I hope this lovely hump day finds you well and brings you just what the name implies!! Oh yeah!

I'm in a pretty good mood today and have just one little anger issue I would like to discuss with you.  Surprisingly enough it was caused by the holiday season.  I'm usually a pretty happy guy around the holidays.  Basically from the first week of October (which is when my birthday occurs) through New Years Day I find to be my favorite time of the year.

I think this time of year should be everybody's favorite.  It's chock full of holidays to celebrate our own decency.  Whatever your religious beliefs are I don't really care.  If we all would spend a little more time finding reasons to NOT be offended at every little fucking thing I think we could dramatically improve everyone's quality of life not just our own.  Having been raised Catholic, Christmas always had special pomp and circumstance to it.  Though not as specific to the foundations of the faith as Easter, I always felt it was something we could all participate in regardless of what direction your faiths pointed you in.  People were a little nicer, colors were a little brighter, candy a little sweeter during this time of year.  Maybe it was me growing up and changing perspectives or maybe it was the times changing around me...but what the FUCK is with all the CYNICISM surrounding the holidays now?

Are you fuckers really so joyless that you sue your neighbors for decorating their house and being excited about a time of year where everyone should be just a little bit kinder?  Are we really becoming so hateful of our fellow man that what we really look forward to the holidays just so we can find ways to be offended?  I try really hard to remember what is important to me at this time of year, family and friends, despite the growing cynicism of the populace.

Until I saw one commercial and did a little research.

Most of us remember Alyssa Milano from either Who's The Boss or Charmed.  A cute young girl who grew into a beautiful lady.  Fortunately for her she dodged the perils of childhood stardom.  Now she uses her celebrity status to raise money for causes she believes in.  At least I hope she believes in the causes she promotes and is not just shooting commercials for a paycheck.  The one commercial though that piqued my interest is the one for Humane Society of the United States.

The reason I was interested, and not because of her acting skills or pleading, was because for the last year my fiance Angry Woman has been working for our local Humane Society.  I've seen both sides of the equation from the dedicated volunteers donating time and the incredibly generous people donating money and goods to help take care of animals to the down side of people who are in my view a bit jaded and pretty over paid.  While certain aspects of the organization still rankle me, for the most part those on the front line are genuinely interested in providing homes and medical services for animals less fortunate than Angry Puppy, who is happily gnawing away on a ham bone while I write this.

So I did the ever popular Google search to find some info on HSUS.  Of course their very well designed website came up which features the usual "What We Do" stuff telling the public how your donations will be spent and how much your donations mean and so on and so forth.  Good boy.

Then something clicked in my head.  I paged back to google and saw some links to a scam.  Now I know PETA, People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals is probably the most vile and hypocritical organization in the country, regardless of what banner they fly under.  But the Humane Society of the United States?  Come on!!  Does this mean Alyssa misled us?

I found this website which talks specifically about HSUS and what an amazingly GIGANTIC scam it is:

Did you know my faithful Angry Angels, with angry puppy's and kitty's of your own, know that of ALL the shelters in the country that HSUS runs NONE of them.  That's right.  A big fat fucking ZERO.  Apparently the only creatures that they are willing to financially support and protect are lawyers, litigators and propogandists.  Now the PETA lunatics are fairly well known.  They don't really give a damn about pets or animals in need as evidenced by their 93.8% euthanasia rate in 2010, and co-founder Ingrid Newkirk, well lets just say she has a special place in the afterlife that will keep her nice and toasty.

Now THIS is why I'm Angry...not just slightly angry...incredibly angry.

This HSUS/Alyssa commercial ran NON-STOP through the holiday season, no doubt to prey on our seasonal motivation to do something a little better than we normally would.  For only $19 bucks a month we can do so much good...  Yeah Alyssa?  FOR WHO?  Not for the poor little animals who are paraded across the screen, looking so sad and desperate and tugging at our heart strings that's for damn sure.  Are any of those animals even alive or did they get PETA'd?  How many people were fleeced this year by you and Wendie Malick and the rest of your crew of deceivers?  What amazes me is that these "stars" align themselves with groups that are neither Humane nor Ethical!!  I defy either one of you to visit Peta's pet freezer (and that's not a personal pet air conditioner) or to go on a consulting trip with HSUS where they CHARGE local humane shelters for this "service."

Now ask yourselves my Angels, would you rather put your money into Alyssa's and Wendie's pocket's or would you rather actually SAVE A FUCKING ANIMAL??  Stop donating your hard earned money to these charlatans.  Do a little research like I did.  Go local if you want to really help.  Donate a spay or neuter at your local shelter, foster a dog or a cat, volunteer an hour or two to go walk dogs.  There are so many better ways to help animals locally rather than throwing your money away on people who don't need it or use it to help animals. Most of all don't let these predators in charitable clothing steal your sense of the the holidays, or your desire to contribute to the good of your own community.

I'm really disappointed in you Alyssa.

That concludes this session, but not this subject I assure you!!

Next up: Justice behind the wheel!



  1. Dear Angry Man: here is a little more information to arouse your ire regarding the pet under-population in America. Happy reading.
    Dr. Carol Stuart host of Animals, Science, and Stories on WFBG radio.

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  3. Really? That pisses you off -- that an organization that has never claimed to fund shelters doesn't fund shelters?

    Now, on the other hand, if my gullibility had been bent over a barrel and thoroughly sodomized by corporate shill Rick Berman, THAT would piss me off.

    But hey, that's just me.

    Star Tribune: Humane Society Fighting A Smear

    NY Times: Non-Profit Advocate Carves Out For-Profit Niche

    ABC News: Lobbyists Hide Behind Non-Profit Fronts

    CBS News: Meet Rick Berman: A.K.A. "Dr. Evil"

    Citizens for Reponsibility and Ethics in Washington, complaint filed with IRS

    Shining Some Light on Bermans Ulterior Motives

    Shelters Support HSUS

    Who is HumaneWatch?

    HumaneWatch Info

  4. John wouldn't know independent journalist if it bit him on the ass.

    The Star Tribune article is written by Janelle Dixon. Ms. Dixon is the president of an HSUS satellite organization started by Wayne Pacelle. Wayne Pacelle currently sits on that organization's board. Not an independent source.

    The New York Times article written by Stephanie Strom was a puff piece commissioned by HSUS. At least that's what Stephanie told reporter Sarah Longwell when she contacted Ms. Strom and invited her to sit down at CCF's offices and ask any questions that were on her mind. Ms. Strom is hardly an independent source.

    The ABC "news" article written by Mark Matthews fails to even mention HSUS and the watchdog role that HumaneWatch plays. It laments that CCF is a not-for-profit lobbying firm. What John fails to tell you is that HSUS is also a not-for-profit lobbying firm. Sort of a pot calling the kettle back situation.

    The CBS piece, which is basically a transcript of a 60 Minutes interview begins with name calling. This hardly makes it a piece of journalistic independence. Berman stands firm that CCF is against the current nanny state mentality - and I agree. Berman's group for example, supports exercise as a way to burn calories instead of having food cops ban certain foods. I'm not sure how this paints HumaneWatch in a bad light.

    The CREW complaint asks for CCF's tax exempt status to be revoked. What John fails to tell you is that HSUS is doing the exact same sort of prohibited political posturing and lobbying in violation of their own charter. More pot calling the kettle black.

    "Shelters Support HSUS" is a letter from an organization started by Wayne Pacelle, and Wayne still sits on the organizations Board of Directors.

    John is the webmaster and author of the .info site. It is nothing more than his biased, uninformed rantings, lies and fabrications.

    All John has proved is that we should ALL be very angry about the fraud HSUS perpetrates on the animal loving public EVERY SINGLE DAY. Asshats!

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