Thursday, January 5, 2012

Dead is dead no matter who you are.

Greetings my Angry Angels!!

I hope this Thursday finds you well and we have a good session today! On a personal note I am having a great day already having resolved some relationship issues with my fiance, Angry Woman ( you can imagine the stress of a relationship between the Angriest Man in America and the Angriest Woman in America), getting in a fantastic shoulder workout, and of course reading the feedback on yesterdays blog:

Today I would like you to remember two names for me: Ronen Katz and Yuliana Vasquez Reyes.  Got them?  Ok.  Now a quick Google search of these names will turn up one MAJOR thing they both have in common.  They are both dead.  Yuliana died a few days ago in Santa Fe New Mexico, Ronen Katz died in late 2010 on the West Side Highway in New York City. Yuliana was four years old, Ronen was 27.  Ronen was a hedge fund manager and a motorcyclist, we will never know what Yuliana could have been.  Now my friendly group of angerphiles you are probably asking yourselves "Why is he angry about this?"

Being both a motorcyclist and a father both of these touch at different parts of my heart.  It always sucks to lose a fellow biker regardless of the circumstance, and a dead child is just fucking tragic.  But I get really damned angry when I read about the circumstances surrounding the treatment of their killers.

Naisha Sutton, a 26 year old woman who should not have been driving a vehicle as she did not have a license and made an illegal turn killed Ronen.  Unfortunately he didn't die quickly, he died on the side of the road having been thrown from his motorcycle.  Naisha left the scene, left Ronen to die.  She turned herself in hours later.

Deborah Aaron, at least didn't flee the scene after killing Yuliana.  I'll speculate after seeing a picture of the accident that she wasn't able to.  Partially because of the damage to her Land Rover she smashed into the minivan Yuliana was riding in, and partially due to the fact that she was DRUNK!!  Of course the prominent surgeon has already set up her defense through her lawyer Dan Cron that she didn't CAUSE the crash so therefore can't be held RESPONSIBLE for Yuliana's death.  Now I know he didn't make major news but last year dear Dan got a guy by the name of Scott Owens off in the DWI deaths of FOUR, count 'em FOUR, teenagers in Santa Fe.  Dan apparently has found his niche.  I wonder how much he's gonna charge the surgeon to get a jury to believe that even though she was breaking the law and contributed to the death of a four year old that she is completely innocent like Scott Owens.

Now I'm not angry at Dan even though I personally think that getting these people off is morally reprehensible, he chose a profession and he happens to be really good at it.  I'm kinda angry at Deborah and Naisha for being incredibly irresponsible knowing that neither of them should be driving and their stupidity and/or arrogance cost two people their lives.

But who I am REALLY ANGRY at are the assholes we elect to office who enact laws and legislation that routinely devalue our lives and the prosecutors and judges who further negotiate down punishment for the end of an innocent life.

What are we worth now?  If you, dear Angry Angel, are killed what can your family expect in terms of justice.  Now imagine your child, or parent, or spouse lying dead in the street because someone who shouldn't have been driving was and ran them down with no more regard than if  they were a pink flamingo lawn ornament.  What do the legislators, the prosecutors and the judges say that life is worth?

Ronen's life was worth 60 days in jail and 3 years probation.  60 FUCKING DAYS!!!  Now having spent 10 days in the county lock up I will tell you jail is not pleasant, not by any stretch.  The food sucks, the accommodations suck, the entertainment sucks, and god help me the fashion sucks!!  Orange just washes me out...

The four lives Scott Owens took were worth nothing.

How much do you think Yuilana Vasquez Reyes is worth?  If you were to ask her family and friends and community I bet the answer would be a lot more than "nothing."  I bet her mother who is still in the hospital and two months pregnant thinks she was priceless.  Unfortunately we already have an inkling of where the judge and the prosecutor are going with this.  Dr. Deborah Aaron, who had her license suspended for five years, botched two surgeries in Arizona resulting in malpractice investigations by the state board, and was CAUGHT PRESCRIBING NARCOTICS FOR HER BOYFRIEND is back in Arizona, relaxing.  She is suspected in a fatal accident and she is in FUCKING ARIZONA???  Now correct me if I'm wrong but Arizona isn't a prison, is it?  Aside from Joe Arpaio's neck of the woods I mean.

I am now so ANGRY I'm having trouble typing.

I think it's high time that as Angry Americans that we demand of our justice system equal protection under the law.  Enough of the special interests. Enough of the buying your way out of justice because you are a rich doctor.  Enough of the lenient sentences because social status or skin color.  Enough of the dead being bargained away by corrupt judge's and incompetent, weak-willed prosecutors. Enough of the political cronyism and back scratching special interests that create inequalities.  Equality means that we are all protected EQUALLY under the fucking law!!!  Stop bargaining away our lives!!

White, black, gay, straight, female, male, adult or child.  Whoever you are.
Dead is dead, no matter who you are.
And no matter who killed you.

And that concludes our time for today!

Tomorrow: Group session where I talk  about some of your emails and comments!


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