Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Down Time

Greetings my Angry Angels!  Sorry it has been a while, these winter colds can be brutal!!  Fortunately I had Angry Woman to help nurse me back to health, which basically meant lots of juice and keeping me alone in a dark room lol.  Whatever works right?  With the new Obamacare I'm sure there will be plenty of victims or "patients" who are advised to do much the same.  Just make sure you don't let anyone know you are taking care of a sick relative or the Service Employees International Union will start making you pays union dues.  If you don't think that could happen, well it's already happening in Michigan.  Un-fucking-believable right?

Well no not if you read any of my other would absolutely believe the depths to which politicians enjoy finding ways to screw their constituents.  I'm not really going to get into can read a good blog about it here:   I just know that the amount of ridiculous bullshit we have to put up with is raging out of control.

For instance a school district in Long Island, NY is going to monitor their students off time, meaning not school time, with electronic bracelets designed to track activity levels.  How much is THAT gonna fucking cost the local community?  So aside from providing them three squares, schools are now gonna save the kids from obesity, caused by their own dietary plans?  Excuse me from laughing.  These are the same administrators country-wide who protect the "free speech" of students that results in the deaths of bully's and victims alike.  These are the same administrators who are driving the standards of American education right into the toilet.    I'm sure they will be massively successful in their efforts and Michelle Obama will take as much credit for it as she can.

And yes, that was total sarcasm.

You know that the funds spent on this program are just going to go to groups who support the ELECTED school board.  It always does!  The corruption in governmental oversight is as endemic as a crooked three-card monte game on a street corner.  The hustlers just dress better and use bigger numbers.

I didn't watch the Presidential Address last night, I didn't need to.  It's all the same.  American's have to buck up and stick with believing in our ever expanding government.  And by "buck up" I mean pay more.  Our economy is in the toilet and we have to trust the people who put it there.  Same with our education system and our legal system.  Sure we can pay more, but to what end?  The Fed borrows one dollar for every three it spends.  That's a pretty dangerous ratio.  And what has it gotten us?  More regulations?  More bureaucrats?  Are they trying to solve the unemployment problem with more government?

That isn't working out too well for Greece, Spain and Italy and it sure as hell didn't work out for the Soviet Union.  I wonder if North Korea has state mandated education...

What really gets me ANGRY though are jackasses like Warren Buffett who say that the rich should be paying more in taxes because he pays a higher real tax rate than his secretary.  Wonder how much he pays his secretary?  I mean the guy is worth $44 BILLION!  If she is paying a higher tax rate than he is, then there might be a little bit of a moral gap here.  This guy is the DEFINITION of crony capitalism. He is going to make quite a bit of money on the president torpedoing the XL Pipeline project, but we don't hear about that in the State of the Union do we?

We talked last week about how we should recall all these politicians based on their approval ratings, which personally I would love to see happen.  But these sanctimonious jerks like Buffett, and Soros who want people to pay more and pay their fair share need to blow it out their ass.

How about you STOP SPENDING MONEY ON YOUR FUCKING BUDDIES!!  It is really up to every Angry American to call bullshit on this merry-go-round!  This incestuous relationship between government and business is being paid for by all of us.  We are the ones who are sullied and soiled by this, not them.  And even if they were, their sociopathic tendencies wear like teflon suits and the shit just rolls down on us.

Now before any of you kool-aid drinkers start in with the "It's the democrats fault" or "It's the republicans fault" I want you to take your head out of your asses and take a good long look at where we are.  A REALLY hard look at what it was that made this country great, and what is fucking it up.  BOTH sides pull the same crap and both sides are getting richer and richer and richer while we have to pony up an extra 22% for a pound of bacon than we did 3 years ago.

Long gone are the days of Teddy Roosevelt and George Washington, Lincoln and Jefferson, Reagan and Kennedy.  These men built the greatest nation on the planet.  It makes me really Angry and a little sad that the only choices we have to elect to lead this nation now are greedy, selfish propagandists and we are left with the lesser of two evils.

It's time all my Angry Angels, and Angry Americans everywhere, expect better and demand more.  If we keep letting these asshats destroy our present, imagine how tragically empty our futures will be.  Get loud, let your representatives know you are angry and demand a change in recall laws!

Great session today!

Next up: Forgiveness in death!

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